Giveaway: “The Dovekeepers” by Alice Hoffman

“Books may well be the only true magic.”*1

To honor our very first author of the month, we are giving away a copy of Alice Hoffman’s masterpiece The Dovekeepers.*2

One of our most beloved books! What are yours? Leave us a comment about the book and/or author who made you understand why people keep talking about favourite books… and take our magical one home.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many giveaways. Our method of selection, us being rather old school, is simple. We will be giving each comment a number, writing said number in a tiny piece of paper and… putting it inside a hat.

Best of luck to you all! May the magic always find you.

P.S. The winner will be announced on the last Monday of the month – January the 25th.


“Os livros poderão realmente ser a única verdadeira magia.” *1

Em honra da nossa primeira autora do mês, estamos a oferecer uma cópia da obra-prima de Alice Hoffman The Dovekeepers.*2

Um dos nossos livros prediletos! Quais são os seus? Deixe-nos um comentário sobre o livro e/ou o autor que o/a fez entender a razão pela qual as pessoas muito falam de livros favoritos… e leve a magia do nosso para casa.

Esta será, ao que tudo indica, a primeira de muitas ofertas. O nosso método de seleção é simples, se não mesmo rudimentar. Consiste em atribuir a cada comentário um número, escrever esse mesmo número num pequeno papel e depois… colocá-lo num chapéu!

P.S. O vencedor será anunciado na última segunda-feira do mês – 25 de janeiro.


“Bücher sind wohl die einzig wahre Magie.”*1

Zu Ehren unserer allerersten Autorin des Monats verlosen wir eine Exemplar von Alice Hoffmans Meisterwerk The Dovekeepers.*2

Eines unserer absoluten Lieblingsbücher! Welches sind Ihre? Hinterlassen Sie uns einfach einen Kommentar über das Buch und/oder den Autor, das oder der Sie dazu veranlasst hat zu verstehen, warum Menschen immer wieder über Lieblingsbücher sprechen…und holen Sie sich unser magisches Exemplar nach Hause.

Dies wird unsere erste von hoffentlich vielen Verlosungen sein. Da wir ziemlich althergebracht sind, ist unsere Verlosungsmethode recht einfach. Wir werden jeden Kommentar mit einer Nummer versehen, diese auf ein kleines Stück Papier schreiben und…sie dann in einen Hut stecken.

Viel Glück Ihnen allen! Möge die Magie Sie immer finden.

P.S. Der Gewinner wird am letzten Montag dieses Monats bekanntgegeben – am 25. Januar.

*1 Alice Hoffman
*2 Please be aware that the book will be in English.
Por favor, tenha em consideração que o livro será em Inglês.
Bitte beachten, dass das Buch in englischer Sprache verlost wird.



4 thoughts on “Giveaway: “The Dovekeepers” by Alice Hoffman

  1. This is actually a very difficult question to answer because I don’t quite remember who introduced me to the world of books. However, Mauricio de Sousa was the one responsible for my learning to read at only (almost) 4 years old, and from then on I never stopped. Later on there was J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter, who showed me I could “devour” a book in less than a day haha ❤


  2. Picking a favourite book must be like picking a favourite child, and parents usually say they cannot choose and that they have no favourites, but let’s face it, we all know they do, and so I do have a couple of books that are a bit closer to my heart. My younger self would definitely pick “Delirio” a novel by Colombian author Laura Restrepo. I really enjoyed the craziness of it all, as I did with another “teen cult” from around here called “Opio en las nubes”. An older and more present kind of self of mine would choose “The book thief”, a book that on my humble opinion every book lover must read.


  3. I’ve read quite a few Alice Hoffman books and they’re all great. I couldn’t pick a favorite. Another favorite author who writes well like Ms. Hoffman, is A. Manatte Ansay. The Dove Keepers is actually on my To Read list. Thanks for hosting.


  4. I know many people will probably say that one of J. K. Rowling’s books are their favorite, so I’m sorry that I’m not more original, but reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was the first time I felt that I truly connected with an author – that the author knew me, and I knew her, through her characters, through the depression caused by Dementors, and through Harry’s emotional turmoil as he met his family. So that is my favorite book of fiction.

    …I didn’t find anything comparable to that feeling again until I read Mary Oliver’s “Why I Wake Early,” which is my favorite book of poetry.


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