Books We Should Be Talking About

“We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

It saddens me to say this, to be acutely aware of how these speeches are still needed. But as Chimamanda says, there’s hope.

We Should All Be Feminists is a great introduction to a topic that runs very deep, having powerful roots in our language, in our way of seeing and living the world. I hope people don’t stop here, I hope they won’t stay trapped in these truths without looking any further, without looking at their own surroundings. I hope feminism doesn’t become an empty fashionable concept, a statement worn for being the colour of the season.

Truth is, law can be changed, it can be rewritten. But minds? They are hard to change because one has to question their own ideological foundations. It’s certainly not easy, but I believe it to be far from impossible.

The media feeds on what we digest and regurgitates it back to us.

And we keep devouring it. It’s a vicious cycle. I believe it’s time to intervene on how people are consuming and dealing with these symbols, these meanings. It’s time to make this a matter of literacy, which it truly is. Just because one can read, it doesn’t mean that one can understand. A bridge must be built. We can’t allow ourselves to be reduced to a list. We are first and foremost human. Being different is something we truly have in common. It should be celebrated, not weighted.

I wrote a thesis about gender and named it Zero Gravity. When asked about the title, I said that was what I thought we needed. Not the nonexistence of difference, but the acceptance of difference equally. “Wishful thinking?” If I don’t dare to even consider it a possibility, why am I even talking about feminism?

Reality is but a perception. We have a say on how we interpret what surrounds us. We should use that power for good.

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