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“A Visit from the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan

I am at a loss for words. I have been completely reduced to silences. I am absolutely speechless. I am in awe.

This book is extraordinary. You find yourself being led across these intricate stories and from one to the other there are names that start sounding familiar, like memories from an extremely old past, or perhaps even from another distant life. It is absolutely breathtaking the way they come together. It feels like all these different individual puzzles have come across one another and suddenly realised that all this time they have been but pieces to a major artistic composition. It is so emotional. It goes beyond meant to bes… just iss, weres and will bes, all at the same time.

A book wise beyond its years, I would say. Absolutely extraordinary. Incredibly clever. I just… it is brilliant. You become acutely aware of the pauses, the music being much more than a mere soundtrack to existence, but existence in itself.

It has brought tears to my eyes.

Imagine a blank page. Watch it burn till all that remains are ashes that the wind then spreads for miles. That is me and the feelings I currently have for this book. I am everywhere. Past, present, future. Transformation confused for evolution. Words that lose their meanings unless when guarded by quotation marks. Define “reality”. A voice.

A panoply of inspiring everythings that became nothings and back again. Emotions. This book is bound to cause some damage to whoever reads it. The pain a reminder that we are alive and breathing, alive and breathing now, whether that now lives in the past, the present or the future.

Oh, time… Time’s a goon, right?


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