“The Rejected Writers’ Book Club” by Suzanne Kelman

What to say about The Rejected Writers’ Book Club? It was… delightful.

The premise is quite original. A group of women that comes together to celebrate their bond of rejection? It opens quite a few doors, don’t you think? You no longer have to be grand to fit in. Whoever you are, whatever you do, as long as you are passionate about it, there is definitely a place for you. How wonderful, and full of hope, is that?

Fear not, it’s not too good to be true. Suzanne Kelman delivers exceptionally well. I don’t recall the last time I laughed so much out loud while reading a book. These characters are so charmingly eccentric. Even Janet, who seems, at least at first, to be the most reasonable amongst them, has her quirks and they are incredibly human.

One could perhaps say that what happens to these characters is unbelievable; that their mission impossible is just too insane to have been possible. The wonderful thing is, though, that as you get to know these characters, you honestly wouldn’t expect anything else from having them together inside a car. It’s absolutely brilliant and hilarious and heartbreaking at times (I am looking at you, Gracie, and your beautiful storyline).

Oh, and the writing. It’s so accessible and humorous. I am certainly going to keep an eye out for Suzanne Kelman. She knows how to keep great company.

Reading The Rejected Writers’ Book Club is like attending one of those events where friends from what seem to be centuries ago get together to reminisce. While feeding their nostalgia and trying to drown it at the same time in endless cups of tea, laughs are shared and so are tears, of joy and blues.

ARC provided by Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley.


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