Giveaway: “The Witch of Bourbon Street” by Suzanne Palmieri

The name Sorrow fits them like a glove. You can feel it clinging to your skin as you go through the pages. They wear their stories and histories, their memories and their mistakes… and they wear them proudly.

To celebrate our author of the month, and the arrival of an April that smells both of rain and possibility, we are giving away a copy of Suzanne Palmieri’s The Witch of Bourbon Street*.

We can’t help but think of the word magic when it comes to Suzanne Palmieri’s books. It’s not just the witch… there’s truly something special about this author and her enchanted novels. Is there any book in particular that has given you the same feeling? Share your thoughts and take home a copy of The Witch of Bourbon Street.

Our method of selection remains the same. We will be giving each comment a number, writing said number in a tiny piece of paper and then putting them all inside a hat.

Best of luck to you all! May you wear your history with pride.

P.S. The winner will be announced on May the 9th.

*1 Please be aware that the book will be in English.


3 thoughts on “Giveaway: “The Witch of Bourbon Street” by Suzanne Palmieri

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