“Equal Rites” by Terry Pratchett

I should probably start by mentioning that this is my very first Terry Pratchett book. How have I been able to stay away for so long? Well, I must confess I am not really a huge fan of the fantasy genre. At least I wasn’t. I guess the thing is not so much about finding a genre you like, but instead an author you love. It would appear I have found my way in.

Terry Pratchett is absolutely phenomenal. His writing is terrific and his mind is absolutely mesmerizing. I am in love with the way he plays with the fine line between fantasy and reality. It all becomes sort of a blur, but there’s no need to panic, for you will mostly spend your time laughing instead of being afraid of falling into a pit of doubt, or perhaps reason, depending on the point of view.

Granny, meanwhile, was two streets away. She was also, by the standards of other people, lost. She would not see it like that. She knew where she was, it was just that everywhere else didn’t.”

Speaking about Equal Rites in particular, I absolutely adored Granny. I wouldn’t mind having her as a best friend. Her interactions with Cutangle? And the staff? There are no words. I finished the book with a huge, and rather ridiculous from the point of view of someone who has never read this book, grin on my face. It’s such a wonderful feeling…

Well, I guess I need to go shopping for more Discworld. Something tells me I am ready to move in… or am I?


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