“Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One.

What an epic adventure! I still feel the adrenalin from finishing the game even though I have met the last page quite a few hours ago. Even just thinking about the whole journey! Imagine someone rambling excitedly and at high speed about something that someone is passionate about. That is me at the moment. I have told my mother, my father and I even talked about the book with my sister on the phone. It’s so… exciting. I mean, you know from the start that the narrator is going to win but WOW. It’s truly all about the journey! And the references! Oh, the epic references!

It’s geek heaven, people. Pure geek/nerd/everything heaven. And it’s so much fun! Even though it’s full of information, and very visual, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. I think it’s because, at some point, you became part of it. You are playing the game and nothing else matters or exists. And the at first thought to be loose ends… Very well played, Ernest Cline!

A game within a game (and within a game sometimes!). It’s… epic.

And the ending. I mean, I could spend a whole lifetime talking about this book. I must stop, though.

I just… If only… Sigh.


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