“The Life List” by Lori Nelson Spielman

Finally, this book belongs to every girl and woman who sees the word ‘dream’ and thinks verb, not noun.”

This book was given to me by a darling friend, a very special friend that I cherish with all my heart. That said, you sneaky little you! I am usually the one who sends books around just because I feel like someone needs to read them. Books are more than just stories, you know? They are open conversations and I had to have this one with myself. For a long time, really. So thank you, lovely. Even if far, I felt you right here. Whether you meant it or not, THANK YOU.

No. You don’t need meds. You just need more love in your life – be it from your father, or from a lover, or from another source, perhaps yourself even. What’s lacking is a basic human need. Believe it or not, you’re one of the lucky ones – you admit you need it. There are a whole lot of unhappy folks out there who’ve stuffed away their needs. Seeking love creates vulnerability. Only healthy people can allow themselves to be vulnerable.”

This novel follows the life of Brett Bohlinger, a woman who has somehow convinced herself that she has everything she wants, everything she needs. When her mother passes away, when her rock suddenly goes invisible under her, Brett’s foundations begin to crumble. It’s from the ashes, with the help and guidance from someone who knew her better than she knows herself, that Brett rises, getting reacquainted with her dreams, with her heart, with herself.

I really did enjoy this book. I must confess that at first it was hard to connect with Brett, but then again, Brett was having trouble connecting with herself too. As time goes by, though, understanding and respect take over. As improbable as the scenario might seem, if you allow yourself to just go with the flow, heartbreak and dry humor and all that, you are in for a treat.

Predictable? Maybe. Or maybe that’s just life, so simple that once you see it for what it is all the troubles just start to seem ridiculous. But not irrelevant. One needs to fall to learn how to get up. Light would be nothing without darkness. So maybe it’s time to put things into perspective. Perhaps it’s time to make a list of our own.

And I thank you, my dear reader, for allowing me into your life, whether for a day or a week or a month.”

Thank YOU.


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