“Lost Time” by D.L. Orton

Diego was meant to go back in time to try and stop a deadly virus from killing the world’s population. Instead of waking up in the past though, he seems to have made it to the future… and in a parallel universe. Is there still hope for his mission?

I must confess I was slightly worried about starting Lost Time after having finished Crossing in Time over a year ago. All it took was one chapter, though. Honestly, it felt as if I had never stopped reading in the first place. The consistency is beyond extraordinary. Even though we’re traveling across time and space, it feels so congruent that it opens doors to probability. I believe that to be a testament to D.L. Orton’s skill. I am no longer reading from the realm of incredulity, I have comfortably moved to the one of possibility. This change creates a flow between the reader and the text that makes bonding with this story, with these characters, something that happens naturally and that requires no rationalization whatsoever.

I will never grow tired of saying how exceptionally clever this saga is. The original premise has developed into an intricate series of events that seem to flawlessly blend with one another as layers of an immense composition ironically named reality.

Imagine you are given a puzzle with an endless number of pieces. It’s overwhelming at first, you having absolutely no idea of where to start. The Between Two Evils saga is that puzzle, but with a twist. All you have to do is acknowledge the pieces and then watch them come together, becoming a whole − and what a whole it is! I don’t know how D.L. Orton does it, but there are no loose ends. Everything plays a part.

“If you don’t take the time to do it right, how are you going to find the time to do it over?”

Not only is Lost Time intriguing, it manages to be interesting without feeling at all dense. I think the epic references to pop culture, that go from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Harry Potter, and the incredibly written humor are to blame for the delightful dispersion that will keep you floating, even when submerged.

If you liked A Vision of Fire and/or The Martian, I believe you will feel right at home with the Crossing in Time and Lost Time.


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