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“Empress of the World” by Sara Ryan

“‘It’s like there are all these people who want to be told what to do, and then there are people who want to tell them what to do…’ I say, and Battle continues, ‘- and then there are people like us. We want to know why they’re telling us to do it!'”

I fell in love with this quote. There is so much truth to it!

I was always a big fan of questioning every single thing, but I do believe this condition has gotten a lot worse ever since I finished writing my thesis on gender. It is such a big mystery though, isn’t it? How the world has come to be what it is. We could say that archeology and history, for example, try to shed some light on this matter, but at the end of the day they are interpretations. Reality is but an illusion. Our senses are lenses, mediators. This reality we acknowledge is based on our language, something that isn’t natural. Words aren’t natural, they don’t have an inner meaning. Interesting, isn’t it? Anyway…

Everything happened rather quickly, didn’t it? I think so, but still, it did have quite a lovely rhythm to it. I also quite enjoyed following the narrator’s voice, Nicola’s, as she went on this self-discovery journey.

An important detail that I quite enjoyed was Nic’s almost constant debate with Katrina about/over labels. Why do we have to be lesbians? Or straight? Or bisexual? Why can’t we just be ourselves? You know, human beings in love with other human beings. I understand that the whole labeling thing might make ‘working the field’ easier, but does it really? Some say that chaos is the opposite of labels, but who defined chaos in the first place? That is the question. We seem to fear chaos but we were the ones to define the concept, both of chaos and fear. Right…

All in all, I quite enjoyed this book.

P.S. Not only is Sara Ryan a good writer, she also has amazing taste in music 😉

P.P.S. I do believe the reason I didn’t mention Sara’s writing above was because it felt so natural… it was truly as if Nicola was talking. I think that is quite an amazing skill to have.


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