“The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is, first and foremost, human. As such, she is bound to say, in our opinion, the wrong thing at, also in our opinion, the wrong time.

It’s not a matter of mistake-making, even if, as a human being, she’s also bound to board that particular train, at least every now and then. She might simply be looking at things from a perspective that happens to stand on the exact opposite side of ours. It doesn’t mean she wants to harm us, though; it doesn’t mean she’s out to get us or fight us. She might just be stating something from her point of view, from where she stands. We have the right to disagree, of course, we even have the right to believe her to be wrong, but attack her because we don’t understand where she’s coming from? Even if we think she’s not coming from the right place, it’s not acceptable – not because she’s famous, but because she’s human.

I believe we nowadays tend to forget that. We are too quick to judge and far too slow when it comes to forgiving. Just because we seem to have only access to digital pieces, through multiple screens and platforms, instead of the actual person, it doesn’t mean they are any less human than we are. We might paint a portrait and it might seem to resemble a particular face, but it doesn’t ever become the human.

That said – and please do forgive me the speech, I just had to share though –, The Art of Asking is the story of Amanda Palmer, the human, written by Amanda Palmer, the human. She is a writer, as we all are, but she was asked to put her story into actual words, and she did the best she could. It’s the story of a human being living a human life and wanting to be something. She takes us through her ups and downs, through her smiles and tears, through her nights at the clubs and the days spent in bed. She invites us into her private world and says, here, let me show you.

I saw love, passion, dedication, strength, pain, disappointment, sadness, heartbreak, grief, fear… and, above all else, I saw hope – and let’s be honest, there’s never too much of that going around.

Amanda Palmer is a flower. We can choose to either accept or reject her offer. She is not imposing herself on us, she’s inviting us to look at the world through her eyes. If we don’t feel comfortable, all we have to do is close the book or pause the audiobook, keeping in mind that just because we don’t like something, it doesn’t mean said something is necessarily bad. It just isn’t our cup of tea.

Let’s practice kindness, love and respect. If we all saw everything exactly the same way, the world would lose its endless dimensions and become flat.


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