“The Search for Lana” by N.A. Le Brun

Be careful with what you wish for. You might just get it.

Lana is different, she feels different. Even though she knows it can’t possibly be simply because of the fact she was adopted, she can’t quite place her difference in a spectrum… until she hears the voice in her head.

Excelling academically at everything as if it were nothing, her relationship with her peers is far from being one to fondly reminisce about. While they attempt climbing mountains, she seems to run marathons by taking one single step. The backlash of her unique aptitudes comes in the shape of ruthless bullying that drives her to ask the question: why me? Ironically enough, her answer arrives by the hands of her new drama teacher, Mrs. Rachel Higginbottom.

“My life seemed to be disintegrating instead of becoming more fulfilled as I had expected it would.”

The Search for Lana is the introduction to an adventure that is just starting. With a destiny much greater than herself to fulfil, Lana recounts the beginning of a journey into an unknown world where the concept of supernatural expands into a whole new magical definition, and possibilities.

I must confess it was not easy for me to bond with Lana. Then again, she is comprehensibly a little bit all over the place, dealing with the world as she knew it falling apart and rebuilding itself in a blowing-out-of-proportions sort of way. Her own identity seems to fluctuate at times, which feels a little disruptive, particularly in the way she deals with her recently discovered biological family. It all seems to happen a little too quickly, but then again, this book is indeed sort of a compilation of personal journal entries – the tone seems to match the speed of Lana’s ever-changing thoughts.

All in all, I am intrigued, mostly about the story of her biological family. Here’s hoping Lana will grow into her skin and lead us to safety.


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