Goodreads Choice Award · Reviews

“Just One Day” by Gayle Forman

“What if Shakespeare had it wrong?”

How is one supposed to carry on like nothing has happened when there’s a book out there with that question as a first line? All the awards to you, Gayle Forman.

I am rather speechless, to be honest. What to say? This book hits home in more ways than one. It’s about feeling lost and soon realizing that you are actually starting the process of finding yourself. It’s about accepting that process as a journey to enjoy instead of a destiny to reach. It’s about changing and understanding that you are just learning who you are, accepting who you are, all throughout life. At every break of dawn a new breath, a new negotiation of a self that doesn’t ever stop evolving. And so much more.

“Oh, honey, have you learned nothing from these plays? Ain’t such a line between faking and being.”

Beautifully written. Splendidly well developed and built as one. And Shakespeare! And Amsterdam, Paris, London… And the spirit of travelling… and all the stains that come with it.

I would say Gayle Forman outdid herself. Then again, I think that’s what she does. Always taking a step forward. Never standing still. It has been an absolute pleasure to walk with her.

Thank you, Gayle Forman. Thank you so much. For everything.


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