“Cocaine Blues” by Kerry Greenwood

Do one thing every day that scares you.

I think Eleanor Roosevelt’s message found the Honorable Phryne Fisher and echoed inside a mind more than willing to allow it to take over. I honestly believe that must be one of Miss Fisher’s life mottos. I don’t think she goes on these adventures just out of curiosity or for the sake of the adrenalin, I think she’s looking for meaning. Or I might just be reading too much into things, as per usual.

“Phryne can not get enough of adventure and the reader can not get enough of Phryne”, announces Deadly Pleasures magazine. I think this should be taken as a warning, for once Phryne has gotten a hold of your attention, she will not let go. You might try to convince yourself that being obsessed with her adventures is not healthy, but she will throw her head back in laughter. She’s beyond persuasive when needed be and she does need a reader, so once you are in, you are in for the long run, I am afraid. She usually gets what she wants, even if it requires rather intense strategies. She’s extremely clever, smart to the point of knowing that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but seriously enough. Oh, and does she make you laugh!

Miss Phryne Fisher went from being a complete stranger to becoming one of my very favourite characters. She’s an entertaining, absolutely enchanting, companion. Her adventures are… delicious, even if tainted by death.


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