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“Curious Wine” by Katherine V. Forrest

I don’t recall how I came upon Curious Wine, but I seem to have had it for quite some time. Perhaps a find from the endless hours spent perusing lists of LGBT-themed books? I did take a leap of faith a few years back, so that must have been it.

Reading Curious Wine made me think of both Desert Hearts and Claire of the Moon. I felt as if I was watching the narrative happening through a grain filter, which was both endearing and helpful, as it offered the distance, both in terms of time and space, required not to take affront about the way certain matters were addressed.

I quite enjoyed the setting, the escape that became the way into something instead of an ephemeral way out of something else. There’s a particular mood, a cloud of mist, surrounding Curious Wine. It has its ups and downs, its clichés and its breathtaking lines… Oh, and the flirting through poetry.

I believe I would go as far as calling Curious Wine relevant, even if I still feel conflicted about the depiction of women at certain times throughout the narrative.

All in all, I would say it was a rather different read, a bit experimental, a bit… secretive. I think I will go and investigate what the author has been up to lately.


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