“Jessica Jones: Alias [Vol. 3]” by Brian Bendis & Michael Gaydos

“I hate buildings.”
“You hate buildings?”
“And yet I live in New York City. So imagine how it is to be me.”

I never thought I would end up finding such a relatable character in the superhero universe. That said, please do bear with me, I haven’t been this excited about a character in quite a long time. You see, I tend to read my way into novels, their characters becoming like distant family, faces that you can’t quite picture, but voices that you would recognize just about anywhere. I believe this particular medium, the way the writing is combined with the art and spread across the page, dilutes the barrier between where the reader stands and where the text exists, blending them into one final composition that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Mind you, I think this event is valid for any relationship between reader and text, the latter assuming many different forms, but there is something magical about this one in particular.

Speaking of magic, this third volume begins with an issue drawn in a completely different manner, in a completely different style. While I must confess I found it slightly harder to read, the art was sublime. I felt the need to share just how incredible it was. Also, narratively speaking, the bold change, choice, ended up making sense, which only had me falling even more in love with the whole production.

Focusing on the story arch itself, I found myself beyond invested. They delivered quite a different and interesting angle, exploring just how far humanity is willing to go to be, to feel, special, powerful.

I am honestly in awe of the shade of realism, of relevance. Jessica Jones is just like everyone else, like you and me, peeking at the glossy magazines at the store, criticizing them for their content and yet going for a quiz; she has issues dealing with feelings, she makes bad choices, mistakes, and ends up getting hurt. She also saves lives though, and not always by using her powers. Quite a lesson, huh?

Hilarious, clever, emotional, beautiful, and pertinent beyond words. I need more.


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