December the 31st 2016: Favorite Reads

December the 31st 2016 Dear fellow book lovers, this year might have been a bit of a roller coaster (the understatement of the century, perhaps), but we made it. Through breathtaking ups and heartbreaking lows, through hardbacks, paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks, we made it. Oh, and it was an absolute pleasure to share it with… Continue reading December the 31st 2016: Favorite Reads

Poetry · Reviews

“Let Them Eat Chaos” by Kate Tempest

Let Them Eat Chaos is one of those books, one of those poems, that everyone should somehow run into, meet, and end up reading at some point, for one reason or another. It should be destined. Condensed in these words resides a truth that could swallow the world into wholeness. “This poem was written to… Continue reading “Let Them Eat Chaos” by Kate Tempest


The Hat Has Spoken

We would like to thank Lodie, komal, Ayustika and partsaklo19 for participating in our themed giveaway. Congratulations, komal! The hat has spoken and you are the lucky winner of our December bundle. Please email us over at to arrange the safe delivery of your newest treasure. To celebrate the festive season, we will be sending bookish… Continue reading The Hat Has Spoken


“Jessica Jones: Alias [Vol. 1]” by Brian Bendis & Michael Gaydos

I seem to have fallen in love with my very first comic book. Mind you, I have enjoyed the ones I have read up until this point, but for some reason I seem to have connected with Jessica Jones in a different way. I have given the matter some thought. Could this be because of… Continue reading “Jessica Jones: Alias [Vol. 1]” by Brian Bendis & Michael Gaydos


“I am Sleepless: Sim 299” by Johan Twiss

Originally reviewed for Whispering Stories – 5 stars Planet Ethos is at war with a rather mysterious enemy, the Splicers. As to secure and preserve the continuation of the species, all newborns with a particular genetic code are removed from their families and injected with the Prime Stimulus. Known as the Prime Initiative, its goal… Continue reading “I am Sleepless: Sim 299” by Johan Twiss

LGBTQA+ · Reviews

“Curious Wine” by Katherine V. Forrest

I don’t recall how I came upon Curious Wine, but I seem to have had it for quite some time. Perhaps a find from the endless hours spent perusing lists of LGBT-themed books? I did take a leap of faith a few years back, so that must have been it. Reading Curious Wine made me… Continue reading “Curious Wine” by Katherine V. Forrest